As you sit there, trying to figure out what company to choose to use for your upcoming trip, consider this. You may think, all the companies you’ve looked seem very similar, and up to this point you’re very correct. However, we aren’t similar, we don’t abide by the same standards. We carefully choose our team, our equipment, beverages, and anything else you may use during your day with us. Your Exuma Experience is carefully thought out. We want you to walk away from Shore Thing understanding why we stand by our name, and why it’s our promise to you – because we know that your Exuma Experience will be epic… that is a Shore Thing….

Our Commitment doesn’t just stop at our customers, it extends to the Ocean and the Environment. A percentage of every tour booked will go toward our sister charity, Sea The Shore. Committed to helping clean and revive the damage done to the Ocean. We are committed to cleaning the Ocean and providing aid to the other Organization currently working to remove plastics from the Ocean and saving the sea life.


Meet The Crew

We’ve assembled the industry's top captains and crew. With extensive knowledge and experience they will ensure you have the most unforgettable time. You will feel like a true VIP from we greet you at the office until you're stepping onboard our customized 43ft beauty,with the wind through your hair and breathtaking ocean views. Our team will ensure every need is met, every expectation is surpassed, and that’s a shore thing!
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Toriano Newbold

Captain Toriano Newbold aka “Captain Hook” was born and raised in New Providence Bahamas, the tourist destinations capital! He’s been in hospitality and tourism for over 18+ years. Tori loves to give guests more than they ever anticipate and continues to always get 5-star ratings and leaves all guests happy and entertained!

If you spot him and shout out “Captain Hook” he will surely stop what he’s doing and take a photo... it’s become a tradition! Toriano always wanted to open his own company. That dream came through in 2018

First Mate

Mikel Wright

Where do we start when describing the heart and soul of our operations Mikel Wright b.k.a. the dancing bear!!! Mikel is from New Providence and has been in the tourism industry for 10 plus years. He is a certified diver and dolphin trainer, yes that’s right! He enjoys anything that has to do with the ocean, and his passion shows. Guests love his enthusiasm, passion, knowledge, and straight up fun time! Kels energy is infectious and he is sure that his dance moves are sure to start the party on the boat! A word from Kel ~ I've known tori for most of my life,he and my older brother are friends but when tori approached me 2 years ago and told me he wanted me to work with him I jumped at the opportunity. I thank tori for being the first employer I've ever had who has allowed me to totally be myself on the job. Meeting new people is something that I love to do so to all my future guests I can't wait to meet you and show you how we party bahamian style and to my past guest what you waiting on get back over here and let's do it all over again!!!!!!

Operations Manager

Georgette Newbold

Ladies and gentlemen we couldn’t ask for a better Operations Manager. Georgette aka "Red Snapper" Customer service runs through her blood. Georgette was born and raised right here in the Bahamas and has been an entrepreneur from a young age. She has also been in the tourism industry for over 20 years. In her spare time away from the office she is an ambassador for the Ministry of Tourism greeting guest as they arrive. Meet Our office sunshine Georgette. Things I like ~meeting people, dancing, health coaching, music great conversation and taking photos. A word from Georgette. Toriano and I meet under unusual circumstances. We both worked offshore on a Cay. He found me unconscious having an anaphylaxis episode. Tori was able to locate my EpiPen administer the medicine and get me off of the island to receive medical care he literally saved my life. So when he called and said he needed my help I was happy to come on board as the operations manager. How could I have said no!


Ricardo Adderley

Ricardo aka "Cardo" has worked in the industry for all his life. Cardo assisted his father who worked many years as a captain in charge of the fairy-boats from Nassau to Paradise Island. Cardo has salt life running in his veins, he worked at SRB for 15+ years! After Toriano had seen his work ethics he ensured his success in being apart of the team! The Shorething Family!


Anthony Hall Sr.

Anthony Hall Sr. better known as Hall or Tony. He was born and raised on the beautiful Island of North Andros. Anthony was a boat captain for over 20 years in the hospitality industry. He enjoys boating (for obvious reasons), loves flying, meeting new people and having fun!


Emmaline Rodriquez

Emmaline aka "Emma" has always had the passion to work on the water. Her love for the water landed her at our shores. Emma waited for over two(2) years to be apart of our team. She worked in the office for a short time but her love for the water could not be denied. She is employed as our only and first female mate and has been glowing in her element since.

Office Assistant

Labrea McPhee

Labrea McPhee also known as ‘Brea’. She was born and raised in New Providence, The Bahamas. Brea has been with the Shorething Escapes Family since its inception! She is known to be the heartbeat of this company for her hard work and dedication especially in ensuring the stability of this company! Where to find a better Office Assistant! We appreciate Labrea! Fun Fact about Labrea! She is always smiling no matter the circumstance and that brings light to our family!